Underwater visuals in Gazebo

Hello, I am looking for plugins ways of improving the underwater visuals of gazebo I have been looking at projects as VRX, asv_wave_sim and GitHub - osrf/mbari_wec_gz: Simulation of wave energy harvesting buoy.

But as far as I understand, their visuals are for the visualization of water from surface robots and not from an underwater robot where I want to simulate the effects of recording a video in an underwater environment.

Right now I am looking at this great project and trying to adapt it to my necessities: GitHub - clydemcqueen/orca4: ROS2 AUV based on the BlueROV2, ArduSub and Navigation2

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance

anyone has any thoughts on this topic?

Hei @Javier_Navarro99 ,

Do you want to improve the visualization of the underwater environment?

If yes, you have to create a “.world” file.

You can be inspired by Dave project:

or UUV:

Good luck!


There is also support for fog in new Gazebo. Maybe it could be misused to create the intended visual effect of underwater cameras.

Hello, both of you thanks a lot.

Yes the visuals for the visualization of gazebo are good enough as there is a model called waves that simulates ocean waves and looks very good, for the “sea/ocean color” there is also a trick to make the world look turquoise:

      <!-- For turquoise ambient -->
      <ambient>0.0 1.0 1.0</ambient>
      <background>0.0 0.7 0.8</background>

Although I would like to make the scene dependent on the gazebo’s sim height so I only simulate the blue sea but the rest looks normal.

My doubt is mainly how to simulate water turbidity and particles and all that. And yes I have looked at the particle emitter but it has a bug where the color range cannot be set in gazebo harmonic and the fog simulator doesn’t work neither for turbidity:

This is the model: https://app.gazebosim.org/mabelzhang/fuel/models/Turquoise%20turbidity%20generator

And there is an issue with that with the new ogre version, and they recommend to deactivate: Disable setting particle emitter color range by iche033 · Pull Request #903 · gazebosim/gz-rendering · GitHub

As I have more things to implement in my project I haven’t tried to fix that, and I don’t know much about ogre2 so I don’t think I will be able to fix it either.

Thanks for your help.

Hey everyone! We had some great discussions on this thread earlier. Does anyone have more insights, updates, or questions on improved underwater visuals? I’d love to hear your thoughts!