Announcing Release 4.0.0 of Project Dave Underwater Robotics Simulation

We are pleased to announce Release v4.0.0 of Project Dave, an underwater robotics simulation project for Gazebo.

Dave is a simulation environment to support rapid testing and evaluation of underwater robotic solutions, specifically underwater vehicles (AUVs/UUVs) operating autonomously. The environment is built upon existing ROS and Gazebo capabilities, particularly the UUV Simulator and WHOI’s ds_sim.

New this release:

  • Official support is now ROS Noetic + Gazebo 11. Dockerfile for the new environment is provided in the new dockwater repository. VCS is now the recommended way to pull dependency repositories. Tutorials in the wiki have been updated - see links below. (Going forward, ROS Melodic + Gazebo 9 will be community-supported.)
  • Repository structure has been reorganized to hopefully make finding things easier.

For quick starts we recommend the following options:

We continue to welcome community feedback and opportunities for collaboration.