GSoC 2024: Tests for Benchmarking Physics Engines

Hello everyone,
I am Sammit Dhar, an Electronics Engineering sophomore from IIT (BHU), interested in ROS, Gazebo and Robotics as a whole. I have been working with Gazebo and ROS for over a year now and recently have become familiar with ROS2. I have experience with PyBullet, Gazebo Garden and Gazebo-Classic through my personal projects, and know a thing or two about MuJoCo and WeBots. I came across the project list for this year’s Google Summer of Code and found the project “Benchmarking Physics Engines” to be pretty interesting. I feel it will be a helpful tool for many users and would like to contribute to the relevant repositories through this project.

I recently came across the paper Comparing Popular Simulation Environments in the Scope of Robotics and Reinforcement Learning and found it to be a good starting point for the tests we should implement. I would also like to create tests and worlds for the use case of Soft-Body Robotics, Underwater Robotics and more.

I would gladly welcome your suggestions, questions and guidance.

Thank you!