Proposing a new project (Open Robotics with Open Source)

Hello everyone.
I am Ayushi Sinha, a second year BTech student from CSE department. I am highly interested in contributing to the Open Robotics organization. I really like robotics and want to know more about it. When I came across the website of the Open Robotics it really attracts me towards it that how it help in making software and hardware platforms for robotics. I strongly believe that the invention of robots has brought a revolutionary change in the field of science and technology in the world.

Everything is already awesome in the website but I want to propose a section which include the contribution section which can help newcomers to know how they can easily and quickly get involved with the organization.
This project also consist the section of events and programs that our organization participates such as GSOC and its related projects.
I would sincerely like to participate and get involved with the open robotics organization.
Hope for your suggestions and advice. Any kind of review and suggestion is highly welcomed and needed.

Hi @Ayushi_Sinha,

If you want to contribute to the Gazebo simulator, you can follow these instructions:

If you want to contribute to the ROS2 code, you can follow this link: