Gazebo Submarine environment

Hello ı am new with gazebo and trying to do some simulation with it, ı need to download the proper environment which is water for my submarine ı tried to download it but ı couldn’t find it also ı am using jetson which means linux thanks in advance

Which version of Gazebo are you using?

I don’t know if there are built-in examples for an underwater environment, but there are some third-party environments available for Gazebo 11 such as UUV Simulator and DAVE, and for Ignition Fortress a built-in example. They are quite different worlds, so depending on what you need, you might choose the version accordingly. The first two are targeting manipulation applications.

now i have gazebo9 and i was trying to open uuv so i think i should download gazebo11 and give it a shot one more time i will let you know after i try