Renaming ros_ign packages

Hello Ignition users! :fire:

Up until now, the integration between Ignition and ROS 1 has been done through ros1_ign_* packages. In an effort to reduce the difference between ROS 1 and ROS 2 integrations, we’re renaming the packages and APIs to ros_ign_*.

If you maintain a downstream package which depends on ros1_ign, we recommend you update your code as soon as possible. On December 2019, ros1-ign debian packages will be updated to download ros-ign packages instead.

What’s changing

What? Old New
Debian packages ros-<distro>-ros1-ign-<pkg> ros-<distro>-ros-ign-<pkg>
Package names ros1_ign_<pkg> ros_ign_<pkg>
Includes ros1_ign_<pkg> ros_ign_<pkg>
Namespaces ros1_ign_<pkg> ros_ign_<pkg>
API *1ToIgn* *RosToIgn*
├── *IgnTo1* *IgnToRos*
├── ros1_* ros_*
├── *1_to_ign* *ros_to_ign*
└── *ign_to_1* *ign_to_ros*


  • The repository URL has also been /ros1_ign_bridge once upon a time.
  • Remember to update your package.xml and launch files, as well as C++ includes, namespaces and functions.
  • The ROS 1 code now lives on branch melodic, while ROS 2 code lives on branch dashing. The master branch has been deprecated.


We’re sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. Even though the ros_ign packages haven’t had a stable release yet, we realize that this change may impact users of Ignition Blueprint. Be sure to ask here or on if you’re having trouble with the migration.

The Ignition Dev Team

Hello again :fire:

As part of our effort to migrate Gazebo and Ignition to BitBucket [1], we’ll also be moving the ros_ign repository to the Ignition Robotics organization on GitHub.

As described on GitHub’s documentation, all links to the old repository will remain valid, but it’s :sparkles: highly recommended :sparkles: that all users update their links.

[1] Important ⚠️ Gazebo and Ignition are going to GitHub!

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