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Important ⚠️ Gazebo and Ignition are going to GitHub!

Important :warning: Gazebo and Ignition are going to GitHub!

Hello community :fire:

BitBucket will be mercilessly eliminating all mercurial repositories on June 1st 2020.

Open Robotics’ simulation team has been using BitBucket to host our projects for many years. From Gazebo to Ignition, we have accumulated a couple hundred mercurial repositories over the years. And now that BitBucket is dropping mercurial support, you have been asking:

And the answer is yes. We’re going to GitHub.

:people_holding_hands: Who will be affected

You’ll be affected if you are:

  • A user who compiles / pulls any of our projects from source
  • A contributor to code, documentation, etc.

Within Open Robotics, our release, deployment and CI procedures will also be affected. This shouldn’t directly impact external users, but beware that there may be some downtime during migration, for example, on

It is worth noting that if you have down stream documentation or installation scripts you will be impacted and those materials may no longer function once BitBucket terminates mercurial support.

:snowflake: Freeze

As we migrate repositories, they will be frozen on BitBucket. So we ask users: please don’t create issues, pull requests or comments during those dates.

We’ll be closing all open pull requests on all repositories (merging or declining). If you’re working on a new pull request to one of our BitBucket repositories right now, we ask that you please wait until the repository is on GitHub to open new pull requests, so we can more quickly close the ones currently open.

At the end of each repository’s freeze, their issue trackers will be made private and users should refer to backup pages or GitHub instead.

Repository removals will happen in 2 phases, to ease transition:

  • On May 15th, all repositories will be transferred to the organization. They will still be using mercurial. New git repositories will be created on the original URLs with migration instructions. This will break any users cloning from the original URLs. Users may (mercurial) clone from osrf-migrated the next 15 days.
  • On June 1st, all mercurial repositories on osrf-migrated will be deleted by BitBucket. Downstream users will need to clone from GitHub.

See the schedule below for our repositories under active development:

:world_map: What’s going where

We have 2 organizations on BitBucket:

As we move things to GitHub, we’ll distribute repositories across a few different organizations.

We will be using @scpeters’s fork of the bitbucket-hg-exporter tool to create a GitHub Pages backup of issues, pull requests and comments on public websites. All issues will also be imported to the new repositories, but BitBucket pull requests will only be archived on GitHub Pages.

As an example of this migration, osrf/sdformat has been migrated to scpeters-test/sdformat with issues imported to github and pull requests archived on GitHub pages.

See the table below as a quick reference of the archived and migrated repositories. We’ll be populating it as repositories are migrated.

BitBucket repository GitHub repository (may not exist yet) BitBucket backup
Active development / maintainance!/osrf/gazebo!/osrf/sdformat!/ignitionrobotics/ign-cmake!/ignitionrobotics/ign-common!/ignitionrobotics/ign-fuel-tools!/ignitionrobotics/ign-gazebo!/ignitionrobotics/ign-gui!/ignitionrobotics/ign-launch!/ignitionrobotics/ign-math!/ignitionrobotics/ign-msgs!/ignitionrobotics/ign-physics!/ignitionrobotics/ign-plugin!/ignitionrobotics/ign-rendering!/ignitionrobotics/ign-sensors!/ignitionrobotics/ign-tools!/ignitionrobotics/ign-transport!/osrf/subt!/osrf/subt_seed!/osrf/gazebo_models!/osrf/gazebo_tutorials!/osrf/sdf_tutorials!/ignitionrobotics/docs!/osrf/gzweb!/osrf/mesh_to_sdf!/osrf/release-tools!/osrf/gazebodistro
Past projects!/osrf/drcsim!/osrf/handsim!/osrf/srcsim!/osrf/servicesim!/osrf/citysim!/osrf/swarm!/osrf/mentor2!/osrf/gazebojs!/osrf/robocup3ds!/ignitionrobotics/ign-rndf

Thanks for the clear planning @chapulina!

Just to clarify, the migrated bitbucket repositories will remain available in read only until BitBucket itself will eliminatead them in June 1st 2020, I got that correctly?

Thank you for the question. I updated the Freeze section above with the timeline for repository removal.