Hello World (New to BitBucket)

Hello Sir/Ma’am
I am Reshu Singh, from New Delhi,an undergrad student and applicant for Outreachy’18.I have experience with C++ plus I have simulated some robotic movements using Gazebo last year.That’s why this project caught my great attention. The project titled “GUI for primitive collision shape generation on Gazebo” caught my great attention and I really want to contribute to make it more user friendly.I have been following the tutorials to get started and work with.I am versed with GitHub but BitBucket is new to me. Any guidance on how to start with or any tutorials related to it,please do share.

Looking forward to it!

Hi Reshu,

Thank you for the interest in Gazebo!

Bitbucket is a code hosting website much like Github and offers similar functionality like issue trackers, pull requests, etc.

One common confusion point for newcomers however is not as much the Bitbucket website, but the fact that our repositories use Mercurial instead of Git as the version control system. If that’s your case, you can search for Mercurial tutorials for Git users like this one to get a quickstart. I also recommend Gazebo’s advanced tutorial series which goes in detail on how to make a contribution, while explaining some basic Mercurial commands that are used along the way.

Have fun and let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: