Community meeting: Distributing Gazebo as a snap (Jul 2022)

Community meeting: Distributing Gazebo as a snap (Jul 2022)

Hi, community! :gazebo:

This month we’re excited to have the robotics team from Canonical present at the community meeting about how they’re distributing Gazebo as a snap!

Distributing Gazebo as a snap

Used by thousands of developers, Gazebo is the go-to simulation suite for robotics. As such it is a central piece of the ROS 2 ecosystem. However, installing Gazebo is not always straightforward, and its installation instructions can be daunting for new Linux users. Not to mention that it is officially supported only on Ubuntu, leaving potential users on other Linux distributions the only possibility to build it from source.

To address this, the robotics team at Canonical rolled up their sleeves and packaged the Gazebo simulator as a snap. Gazebo is now available on the Store to millions of Linux users that can install this open-source tool with a single terminal command, simplifying the installation and improving the user experience.

During this presentation we will briefly introduce snaps: what they are and what difficulties they address. We will then see how to set up the Gazebo snap and experiment with a couple of tutorials showcasing how to use it and how it integrates with ROS 2.

Get it now from the store,

Get it from the Snap Store

Meeting details

:clock3: Date: 2022-07-27T17:00:00Z

:desktop_computer: Place: Virtual at Google Meet

:calendar: Event: Gazebo community calendar

:mag_right: Topic: Distributing Gazebo as a snap

:spiral_notepad: Agenda: Everyone is welcome to add items to the agenda.

As always, the meeting will be recorded and posted to the community meetings playlist on the GazeboSim YouTube channel. Check out the playlist for past meetings!

Are you doing anything interesting with Gazebo? Show it off to the community! Send me a private message so we can figure out the best date.

Do you want to see some specific topic covered? Please comment below!

See you then!

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Recording is available here.

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Thanks again for having me!

Here are a few links shown during the presentation or related,

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