PhysX open-sourced

The hardware-accelerated physics simulation engine from NVidia was released under the BSD license. Maybe it’ll be interesting for someone to integrate it with Gazebo… (not me, but I just felt it’s worth mentioning here).


Thanks for the link. PhysX integration would be a great add to Gazebo.

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is anyone currently working on it ?

I have not heard of someone working on physx integration with Gazebo.

bullet has been adding an interface to PhysX:

We could use that as a reference point.

As part of the team developing gym-gazebo2 and ROS2Learn, we would definitely benefit a lot from more advanced capabilities in our physics engine to do proper RL work.

Wheter is physX or Bullet’s latest improvements, we are interested in any progress made to integrate with Gazebo.

It would be helpful to know what capabilities you’re looking for which are not covered yet by the physics engines currently supported.

We are looking for precise contact/collision handling. I will first try to tune the existing ODE or even Bullet physics and our urdf. If we find out we are in the need of specific improvements, I will post providing more details.

One thing that I have noticed is that the URDF to SDF parsing supports mostly ODE tags and then it makes it a bit cumbersome to setup the system for Bullet without using some tricks to avoid heavily rewriting the robot description.
Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know there was no easy way around that to parse the URDF files with Bullet-specific tags for collision physics configuration, for example.