Community meeting: Bullet physics (April 2021)

Hi, community! :fire:

Our next community meeting is coming up in a couple of weeks!

Starting from this meeting, all meetings will happen on the last Wednesday of the month.

This month’s meeting will focus on the integration of the Bullet physics library with Ignition Physics.


Meeting details

:clock3: Date: 2021-04-28T17:00:00Z
:desktop_computer: Place: Virtual at Google Meet
:calendar: Event: Calendar event
:mag_right: Topic: Bullet and Ignition Physics
:spiral_notepad: Agenda: Everyone is welcome to add items to the agenda.

As always, the meeting will be recorded and posted to the community meetings playlist on the GazeboSim YouTube channel. Check out the playlist for past meetings!

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Are you doing anything interesting with Gazebo? Show it off to the community! Send me a private message so we can figure out the best date.

Do you want to see some specific topic covered? Please comment below!

See you on the 28th!

:fire: The Ignition Dev Team :fire:


Thank you everyone who participated! Here’s the video recording if you missed it:

The next meeting will be on May 26th, be sure to subscribe to the Ignition community calendar :fire:

:arrow_right: Please contact me if you’d like to present at a community meeting.

:arrow_right: Let us know below what other topics you’d like to see covered in the future!

Apologies if this question was answered in the vod and I missed it but…

Will it at some point be possible to use bullet without building anything from source? I think this is a major barrier to usage by the community. Bullet is fast and once it’s fully integrated it will have several advantages over dart, but I for one would not be willing to build from source (difficult getting every version of every from-source dependency correct, across the different development envs I use).

Definitely! Once the Bullet PR is merged, we’re going to release debs for it. After installing the debs, users will be able to use it with

ign gazebo --physics-engine ignition-physics-bullet-plugin

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