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Announcing Ignition community meetings

Hi, community!

The simulation team at Open Robotics is happy to announce our first community meeting!

The objective of these meetings is to give visibility into our development process and roadmap, strengthen collaboration with community members outside of Open Robotics, as well as offer a space for anyone to provide feedback.

The first meeting will be on 2020-10-07T17:00:00Z, join us on this Google Meet. The meeting will be recorded and posted on the GazeboSim YouTube channel. We’ll strive to keep a monthly cadence and to accommodate various time zones.

For the first meeting, we’re planning to talk about Ignition’s development process. Everyone is welcome to join and add items to the agenda.

See you there!

:fire: The Ignition Dev Team :fire:


Really nice to see this meeting with the community to improve and make the interaction even closer :clap: . It would be good if there is an “event” so people can add it in the Google Agenda automatically.

Good idea, @pxalcantara.

Here’s a link to copy the event. I think anyone should also be able to subscribe to the Ignition community calendar to receive invitations to new events.

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Nice, It’s already in my calendar :clap: :wink:

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Thanks for setting this up, I look forward to having a regular communication channel with the team to help make Ignition the best robot simulator!

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Thank you everyone who joined today’s community meeting!

The video is live:

Stay tuned for the date of the November meeting. And please let us know what topics you’d like to discuss in future meetings! :fire:


This iniciative is great!

I know I’m a bit late but I’ve just watched the first meeting on YouTube.
I would like to give my opinion on the two Gazebo Answers / Gazebo Community issues discussed in the meeting:

First of all, joining both of them would make things easier for people who search something for their first time but also probably so for experienced people, since it would make things just simpler — e.g. only one account would be needed for both, staying updated and keeping up with notifications would be easier.
What about integrating Answers into Community by creating some sort of Technical Questions category?
Also, Community interface seems more modern and up-to-date than Answers and that may encourage people to use it more, which takes me to my second point.

As discussed in the meeting, Gazebo Answers is not very active as say, StackOverflow. It is this exponential curve problem because the more active it currently is, the more active it will probably be in the future. But how can you get more participation in the first place?
As robotics and simulation are highly demanded profiles, why don’t leverage this fact and encourage people to build their portfolio by showing off their Gazebo Answers profile or recognize them, i.e. something like “user of the month”? It may help the forum getting more intertia and activity.

Glad to hear!

This is something we’re looking into. We may have more updates in the coming months.

That’s a great idea. At this point, maybe we shouldn’t start something like this for Gazebo Answers. But once we sort out the Community vs Answers situation, then I think this would be something nice to put in place.

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