Info on Trivial Physics Engine

About a month ago, I posted a request on the Robotics Stack Exchange for info on the Trivial Physics Engine.

At present, it has gotten a massive 13 views, no upvotes and no responses at all… :slight_smile:

I still feel that someone around here must know:

  • How it works,
  • Where to find info and examples,
  • For which specific project it was initially developed, and in which projects it is currently being used,
  • The pros and cons of this approach,
  • Etc.

I’d be grateful for more info; I think it could be useful in my case as I am simulating an object manipulation task, but as the number of objects grows the simulation slows down. And I have no need for full physics and contact simulation.

I tried to gather some knowledge in Documentation on Gazebo Trivial Physics Engine - Robotics Stack Exchange, but it would be much better if @claireyywang or @iche033 (or any other current maintainer of TPE) would step in and bring some more info.

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thanks for collecting and posting info on TPE on robotics stack exchange. Martin’s answer summarizes all the important points and I added some minor comments there.

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