Survey - Determining Factors of Simulation Preference in Robotics

We’re calling for developers to participate in our questionnaire to help us better understand what is expected from a simulation software. This survey will take less than 3 minutes to complete. The information that is collected via this survey will guide us while we are developing our product. We are so thankful for your contributions.

Hi @Kenan_Istemik, could you provide more information about your software? The survey only says it is “robotics simulation software, targeted for drones and other autonomous vehicles”.

Will it be open source? Is it based on Gazebo? What company or research institute is behind this survey?

I think some more information would be helpful for potential survey respondents to decide to participate.

Who’s “us”? :slightly_smiling_face:

@chapulina, first of all, as one of the conductors of this research, I appreciate your questions and your interest in the Topic. With “us”, I refer to me and other members of my team working on this project. Also yes, we are operating in a startup that we thought whose name should stay anonymous for now because this product is not thought to be the primary product of it. Yet we have been taking this question a lot. So we will be reconsidering anonymity after all these comments. Since our team has been in the robotics business for a long time we all have already been working with robotics simulations like Gazebo and we have a vision for how we could create a more useful simulation platform, how we could make it better and more beneficial to the community. We are also true fans of Open Sourced Software. So our vision for this project is to create a platform centering the developers and shaping it according to the needs of the community. This is the purpose of conducting this research. Even though we have already got long hours spent while maturing some ideas on this project, those are not final and hopefully will be reshaped by the community.