Improvizations to Gazebo Installation process

I’m interested in understanding the current pain points within the installation process, as these areas offer opportunities for improvement in Gazebo.


Hello Abhijith:

Thanks for the interest in participating with us in the GSoC this year. As a preliminary work before sending the submission I that that we could do an exercise of trying to install Gazebo yourself and write down your experience. You can use this same forum thread. Some context for this experimental task:

:hammer_and_pick: Pick a Gazebo release and a ROS release (not End of Life) and try to install both in any platform, container or operative system of your choice.

:writing_hand: Tell us (here in about the experience:

  • It could end up being a total failure or an impossible combination. No worries everything is valid and sometimes it is indeed impossible to install.
  • Write about which document/tutorials/videos you read
  • What steps you did and how did you test it the installation
  • Write about the experience

:popcorn: Example (fake):
:one: I chose the Gazebo Harmonic version and the ROS Iron version for trying to install both together on my MacOSX Venture operative system.
:two: Experience: I did not find any documentation about installing Gazebo on Mac after searching “Gazebo on Mac” on duckduckgo nor a single DMG file that I can install on my Mac to run Gazebo on. A possible approach would be to use a docker container to get a Linux setup working but I’m not sure if the GUI is going to work (there are reports in the github of gz-sim about problems) so I prefer not to lose more time :sob:

Good luck!


I am using Macbook Air M1, Sonoma OS 14.0, I have installed Ubuntu 22.04 using UTM virtual machine, Installed ROS humble successfully but now when I try to install gazebo with
“sudo apt install ros-humble-gazebo-*” command I am getting error that says…

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
** ros-humble-gazebo-dev : Depends: gazebo but it is not installable**
** Depends: libgazebo-dev but it is not installable**
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

May u plz help me with that, Is it possible to install Gazebo with ROS2 humble in Ubuntu in virtual machine? Let me know If I am missing anything

Hello Krupa_Kadecha:

It is not clear to my if you have an issue installing Gazebo that has something to do with the participation in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) or this you have an issue unrelated to this GSoC program.

  • If you are trying to participate in the GSoC program: please open a new topic adding the prefix [GSoC24 Gz Effortless Installs] in the project category. One per paticipant. Feel free to repeat your reply.

  • If you are trying to install the ros-humble-gazebo-* packages and this does not have anything to do with participating in the GSoC, please open an isuse in

Let’s try to keep this thread for Abhijith, do not reply here. Thanks!