Download gazebo with humble

Hi ,
I’m a beginner in ros and gazebo. I try to download gazebo in ubuntu 20.4 and ros2 I use is humble. I have below error when try to follow the tutorial. I try some way suggest on github but it not solve the issue. Could you guy give me the advice or solution to fix this issue please?

 sudo apt -y install \
  $(sort -u $(find . -iname 'packages-'`lsb_release -cs`'.apt' -o -iname 'packages.apt' | grep -v '/\.git/') | sed '/gz\|sdf/d' | tr '\n' ' ')
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package libogre-next-2.3-dev
E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'libogre-next-2.3-dev'


I don’t think you can download humble on 20.04 through apt. I believe each ros is for each ubuntu version. 20.04 is the Foxy.

I tried humble by source though but I felt there is limited.

As for Gazebo part, be sure you follow the instruction which can be seen here

If I remember correctly, Humble on 20.04 is Tier 3 support, so there could be APT packages, but their working is not guaranteed.

Hello Jack, if I understand it correctly you are trying to install ROS 2 Humble on Ubuntu 20.04 (note, that as @peci1 mentioned this is a Tier 3 platform for ROS2) and would be important to mention which Gazebo release are you using and what tutorial are you following.

Given that you are having problems with libogre-next-2.3-dev package and the only release of Gazebo using is Gazebo Garden I assume that it is the one you are using. For Garden, according to the combinations available for Garden + Humble you will need to do a from source installation since the Gazebo supported by ROS 2 Humble packages from ROS 2 repositories is Gazebo Fortress.

I assume that you are following the from source installation tutorial of Gazebo Garden. The ogre-next-2.3 packages are in repository for Ubuntu Focal and Ubuntu Jammy so my hypothesis is that somehow you did not install correctly that repository. The instructions are in the same tutorial a bit above of the step that is failing for you.

Hope it helps.