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Ubuntu version for gazebo

I would like to know compatible ubuntu version for latest Gazebo 11 and if possible ROS version also. Now Im using Ubuntu 18.04 for gazebo 9.0 and Ros Indigo
Thanks in advance

The supported platforms (especially for Ubuntu) can be found in the status section of the gazebo webpage. For Gazebo11 the goal is to support Ubuntu Bionic and Ubuntu Focal (when released).

If you want to use a Gazebo version for a ROS distribution different than the one officially supported by the ROS, we have been producing special gazebo_ros_pkgs historically when the community asked for them. They are listed in the tutorial about ROS and Gazebo combinations. There has not been requests about using gazebo11 with any ROS version as far as I know. Feel free to create an issue in Gazebo bitbucket if you want to see an specific Gazebo11/ROS combination.


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