Gazebo Classic on Jammy?

Hi, I’ve found Gazebo 11.9 release in Jammy repos: Ubuntu – Details of package gazebo in jammy . Does it mean Gazebo 11 will be officially supported on Jammy? How will the EOL date of G11 relate to Jammy EOL?

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Hello Martin:

Currently, there are no plans to maintain Gazebo11 after the official end of life date 2025-01-29. That date should cover until the end of Ubuntu LTSs Bionic and Focal.

The development and maintenance of Gazebo11 will continue until 2025 and new source versions will be released. However our current plan is to provide .debs packages in for Gazebo11 limited to Focal and Bionic Ubuntu versions, not Jammy.

We have been working with Debian to have the latest Gazebo11 in Debian and to have it also in Jammy (until the point of it stops syncing from Debian). This will leave Ubuntu Jammy with the latest Gazebo11 released before Jammy does not accept new versions (February/March 2022).

That version could work for most of the users but let me mention that Gazebo11 is an open source project and any non Open Robotics initiative can perfectly creates packages for it on Ubuntu Jammy by using a PPA or a different method.

if your chosen platform is Ubuntu Jammy, you need .deb packages from and stay updated with the latest development and bug fixes we recommend to consider the migration to Ignition.

As a final note: If you are company and, by any reason, really needs Gazebo11 on Ubuntu Jammy provided by Open Robotics for your business, we are always open to listen collaboration proposals at


Thanks for clarification, Jose.

So if I get it correctly, the only way to get Gazebo 11 on Jammy will be via standard Ubuntu repos, and it will be the 11.x minor version that is available in Feb/March 2022 with only security fixes applied afterwards.

That is a bit unusual, but on the other hand I understand OSRF doesn’t want to spend more effort for setting up/running the Jammy CI etc.

You are very welcome Martin.

Yes, you get it correctly. These are the plans nowadays.

As you mention, the amount of resources is limited and I think that Open Robotics is providing enough time and options for the Gazebo users to migrate to Ignition or to keep using Gazebo. Note that we are not changing any decision or any support statement with respect to Ubuntu Jammy, the supported platforms have been in the status page for some years.