Gazebo-classic 9 officially end-of-life

Gazebo-classic 9 has reached its official end of life (EOL) on January 25th, 2023. It was a long-term supported (LTS) version of Gazebo-classic first released in 2018.

Some of the key features introduced in Gazebo-classic 9 are:

Gazebo-classic 9 was included upstream in Ubuntu Bionic and Focal and was paired with ROS Melodic

Several libraries have reached their EOL along with Gazebo-classic 9. Their latest released binaries will remain available at, but support will no longer be available.

Library major version Final release
ign-cmake 0.6.1
ign-common 1.1.1
ign-fuel-tools1 1.2.0
ign-math4 4.0.0
ign-msgs [1] 1.0.0
ign-transport4 [1:1] 4.0.0
libsdformat6 6.3.1

We recommend all Gazebo-classic 9 users migrate to a supported release, like Gazebo Garden as soon as possible. It is also possible to migrate to Gazebo-classic 11 (EOL in 2025), but it is not encouraged as development has shifted to the new Gazebo.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to Gazebo-classic 9!

Addisu Z. Taddese
Alejandro Hernández Cordero
Audrow Nash
Ben Wolsieffer
Carlos Agüero
Diana Hood
Emiliano Borghi
Ian Chen
Ivan Santiago Paunovic
Jacob Seibert
Javier Choclin
Jennifer Buehler
Jeongseok Lee
Jonathan Bohren
Jose Luis Rivero
Kei Okada
Kevin Allen
Koon Peng
Louise Poubel
Mabel Zhang
Mark B. Allan
Martin Pecka
Michael Carroll
Michael X. Grey
Nate Koenig
Nick Lamprianidis
Sean Yen
Shane Loretz
Silvio Traversaro
Steve Peters
Terry Welsh
Tetsuya Idota
Thomas Hines
Tim Rakowski
Tobias Fischer
Ussama Naal
Vitaliy Bondar
Wei Xu

  1. This library is available from upstream Ubuntu repositories, but not ↩︎ ↩︎