Gazebo9 release

Hello all,

Gazebo 9.0.0 has been released. All the important details can be found at

Thanks to everyone for your contributions and support.


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Just to piggyback on this announcement: Docker images for version 9 have also been released on the Official Docker Hub Library for gazebo:

docker pull gazebo:libgazebo9

Note the additional tags, such as libgazebo9-xenial, that specify the code names with respect to the Ubuntu base images used. This should provide docker users a suitable migration path while we continue to maintain long term support and updating the general set of tags to track the latest supported LTS base images. So if your application is also sensitive to ubuntu release in addition to gazebo version, consider using the full code named tags for your projects.

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Hi Nate,

Is there a Gazebo 9 compatible ROS repository available by chance? That is ros-lunar-gazebo9-dev and so on? If not yet - please, can someone give a pointer onto build instructions?

Thanks, Dmitry

Hi Dmitry,

ROS lunar Gazebo9 is on our todo list. It should be done sometime before the end of this week.

As a workaround, you can:

  1. Install libgazebo9-dev
  2. Create a catkin workspace, clone gazebo_ros_pkgs into it, lunar-devel branch
  3. Clone any other ROS software you need to use that depends on gazebo into the workspace
  4. Compile and use the workspace

Quick update: packages for Debian Stretch are now in the debian-stable repository of Testing install job:

This should complete the family of gazebo9 packages:

  • Ubuntu Xenial, Ubuntu Artful and the future Ubuntu Bionic (gazebo9 from the Ubuntu repositories)
  • Debian Sid (from the Debian repositories) and Debian Stretch.
  • The packagers of Arch (thanks racko) and Gentoo (thanks Alexis Ballier) have also gazebo9 packages available.