Updates in Ignition Gazebo Documentation


Sorry for the bummer, but I highly believe there are several updates and changes needed in the existing Documentation.

Even if the steps are well defined, few links and methods do not work at all. And I believe this should be thoroughly checked during each version updates, as there are limitations on support with ROS, and Operating System.

In case somebody would be able to help me with setting up the system from scrach, please let me know.

My current system -

Ubuntu 20.04
ROS Noetic
Iginition Citadel

There isn’t much tutorials with the above configurations, therefore it is getting difficult to pace up. Other methods with ROS2 and Garden have things working fine, but the workarounds and everything for other versions, should also be a part of the documentation to my belief.

Hi @aki,

Sorry for the bummer, but ROS/Gazebo does not have a staffed help desk.

If you encounter problems, you can post distinct, actionable questions at the Robotics Stack Exchange, and maybe someone will answer.

“Distinct, actionable questions” means questions structured like:

Hello, I want to do this,
I already tried that and that,
However, it does not work because of this and this,
I get error message that.
Does anyone have an idea how I can resolve this?

Before posting a question, search the Robotics Stack Exchange first, to see if your issue was not already asked before.

In case of inaccuracies in the Gazebo documentation (i.e. if you are sure that something is incorrect), then you can submit an issue in the Gazebo documentation repository on GitHub.

It is also advisable to skim through the open issues and pull requests: sometimes an issue has already been reported and possibly even resolved, but the fix not merged yet (e.g. in case of a workaround not ideal as a definte solution).

Even better is, once you know the answer, that you correct or clarify that part of the documentation and supply a pull request, so that this gained knowledge can be integrated into the official docs to everyone’s benefit.

But this is community work, nobody is being paid for this so don’t expect an instant resolution of all your troubles.

If you absolutely can’t wait and have a spendable budget for commercial support, then you can ask here and in the ROS Discourse; there are probably many people willing to provide you with consultancy services, on project basis or paid by the hour.

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