GSoc 2024: submissions end on April 2nd

Hi all:

If you are planning on participating in Google Summer of Code 2024 with the Gazebo project (see @Katherine_Scott initial call for more details) be sure to send your proposal before April 2nd.

Remember that an import part of the selection is the fact that students have shown some desires and/or efforts to get involved into the project, there are more details in the initial call I linked before.

For the project that I’m mentoring this year (Gazebo Effortless Installations) I’ve asked the students to do an experiment:

:hammer_and_pick: Pick a Gazebo release and a ROS release (not End of Life) and try to install both in any platform, container or operative system of your choice.

:writing_hand: Tell us (here in creating a thread in the project category or if you prefer privately in the submission) about the experience:

  • It could end up being a total failure or an impossible combination. No worries everything is valid and sometimes it is indeed impossible to install.
  • Write about which document/tutorials/videos you read
  • What steps you did and how did you test it the installation
  • Write about the experience
  • You could repeat the process more than once if the experience was not long

:popcorn: Example (fake):
:one: I chose the Gazebo Harmonic version and the ROS Iron version for trying to install both together on my MacOSX Venture operative system.
:two: Experience: I did not find any documentation about installing Gazebo on Mac after searching “Gazebo on Mac” on duckduckgo nor a single DMG file that I can install on my Mac to run Gazebo on. A possible approach would be to use a docker container to get a Linux setup working but I’m not sure if the GUI is going to work (there are reports in the github of gz-sim about problems) so I prefer not to lose more time :sob:

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