GSoC 2024 Application: Physics based Sonar Simulation

Hello! My name is Kevin Li, and I’m a Mechanical Engineering MS student from Michigan Technological University. I am eager to leverage my expertise and engage with the challenges and opportunities by contributing to the physics-based sonar simulation for the underwater robotics project.

Over the past year, I have worked deeply with ROS1 and Gazebo Classic, utilizing the VRX platform extensively in my research to enhance navigation algorithms for unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Currently, my focus is centered on the refinement of obstacle avoidance strategies and robust algorithms against adversarial attacks. The DAVE project showcases the integration of sonar sensors and resonates with my research objectives. Recently, I came across a paper detailing physics-based sonar ( alongside other resources like ping_360 and hector_gazebo_plugins as foundational materials in understanding acoustic modeling.

Although new to CUDA, I am on a self-teaching endeavor, following Nvidia’s CUDA guides and other external supplements to accelerate my proficiency. My research aligns closely with the project’s goals, and I’m eager to contribute and learn alongside the team. I look forward to the possibility of diving into this project!