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Gazebo conveyor belt plugin

this is my first time posting and I wanted to tell that I have separated the Gazebo Conveyor Belt from OSRF ARIAC package into it’s own plugin, it’s still a work in progress, since it is my first dapple into C++ code and working on plugins.

You can find the source in github.

If the OSRF makes a “official” package, then I will mark this as a deprecated plugin and point into the better one.


I made some modifications and now you can change the maximum velocity of the belt. It also “respawns” back at starting point, when it has moved 40% of the upper limit specified in the joint.


Hi Gunarok this is my first time in this site an also my first question.
When i read your post i was very happy , because i wanted a conveyor simulator for my project.
So first off all thank you very much for sharing with us your work.
So i followed your instruction on GitHub but it didn’t worked for me.
When I type
rosservice call /depia_all/conveyor/control “power: 15.0” in the terminal
I get
success :True
But nothing moves.

The only thing i did it was to import on my URDF file the


as you mentioned.
So I want to ask you
the name belt_link in belt_link must remain the same ass you have on GitHub or I should change it with my own, as I did. And if I change it, witch name should I give. I think the name of the link that should move. Am I wrong ?
The link that suppose moves must have a with another link in the urdf? and what kind of a joint?
Before I use your plugin I had a prismatic joint between the conveyor belt and the conveyor base, and I control it with the gazebo_ros_control. I have to erase that control?
Thank’s in advance for your Help
I am sorry for my bad English.
George Karalekas.