Analysis of external mesh loading libraries and comparing with the existing approach

Gazebo’s mesh loading library doesn’t support glTF2 and FBX mesh loaders. There are two ways to extend the capabilities of the Gazebo’s mesh loading system, (A) Using an external open-source library or (B) Writing glTF2 and FBX mesh loaders consistent with the current approach.

An initial analysis is required to decide which approach is better. I am planning to generate such analysis in the next couple of days, so any idea is welcome. The main aspect of the analysis will be around:

  1. Maturity analysis
    Which file types are supported by the external library, development history of the external library.
  2. Complexity analysis
    Complexity comparison of possible external libraries and developing new glTF2 and FBX mesh loaders similar to existing approach.
  3. Testing difficulty analysis
    Testing difficulty comparison of the possible external libraries versus the existing approach.
  4. Required time to Implement vs Integrate

You can also follow it from the github