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[GSoC 2020] Interest in adding support for more mesh formats in Gazebo

Hey all,

I’m a second year engineering student interested in adding support for more mesh formats in Gazebo. for GSoC 2020. I have some experience working with mesh files but that extends to exporting the mesh from SolidWorks and including it in my launch/URDF files. I feel working on this project would allow me to learn a great deal about mesh handling as well as familiarity with other mesh loading libraries.

I’m going through the MeshManager file to understand it’s current implementation. I’d love a few pointers and feedback from the mentors (@iche033).


The current mesh manager includes 3 mesh loaders: collada, wavefront obj, and stl. Depending on the extension the mesh file specified, it picks the relevant the mesh loader accordingly:

So for the GSOC project, the student needs to either implement new mesh loaders (e.g. FBX, glTF2, etc) or integrate assimp to load other formats that are not currently supported yet.

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