Question about your future support

Hi everyone,

I have a question. Do you think Gazebo (formerly ignition) will ever support Blender character’s bone? Like, let’s say we have bones in a character. Two hands, one head, one neck and one torso. When I want to import to obj or gltf for Gazebo, do you think Gazebo will be able to recognize and support the bone in future?

If you’re referring to having those bones be loaded as joints in Gazebo, there is currently no plan to support this. I think the best approach would be to use (and to support development of) a blender->SDFormat exporter, such as GitHub - dfki-ric/phobos: An add-on for Blender allowing to create URDF, SDF and SMURF robot models in a WYSIWYG environment.


Oh wow this is perfect! Thank you!! I’m really really interested to make a game using gazebo. I need a starting point somewhat. I’m glad you mentioned that github!