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Virtual Ocean Robotics Challenge announcement

Open Robotics and the Naval Postgraduate School are happy to announce the Virtual Ocean Robotics Challenge (VORC), sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.

This competition is targeted at university teams or any individual with an interest in maritime simulations. The main goals of this challenge are: (i) offer a way to learn about maritime robotics using simulation; (ii) leverage previous participation in similar competitions to improve team solutions; and (iii) offer a ramp up challenge towards physical maritime competitions.

Participation is free. Phase 1 will be held on November 23 and Phase 2 on December 7-11. The timeline is tight, so we encourage everyone to register right away and start coding!

The VORC technical team:
Carlos Agüero <>
Brian Bingham <>
Sean Kragelund <>
Michael McCarrin <>
Carson Vogt <>
Mabel Zhang <>