SubT Tech repo collection polluted with unwanted models

Viewing the “Subt Tech Repo” collection at it shows 2700 models. Including some very new ones like from April 2024. Is that a bug in the fuel server or did someone from OR start using the collection for a different purpose?

Actually, it seems all collections now just point to all models!

Thanks for the report. I see the problem and will have a fix out shortly.

It should be fixed now.

Great, thanks for the quick action, Nate!

I can confirm it seems to be fixed now:

$ ign fuel download -v 4 -j 8 -u " Tech Repo"
Downloading collection:
  Name: SubT Tech Repo
  Owner: OpenRobotics
    Version: 1.0

[Msg] Found 407 models in collection [SubT Tech Repo]