Community meeting: Subterranean Challenge (May 2022)

Community meeting: Subterranean Challenge (May 2022)

Hi, community! :gazebo:

This month’s community meeting will feature a large competition ran using the latest generation of Gazebo, the Subterranean Challenge

Subterranean Challenge

Robotic competitions have a long history of spurring innovation and attracting people with varied backgrounds and interests. Late this past year DARPA’s most recent challenge, the Subterranean Challenge (SubT), wrapped up.

Open Robotics was fortunate enough to be the simulation provider for the virtual track of SubT. During this meeting Nate Koenig (@nate) will present the work done to make the SubT virtual competition a reality and highlight some interesting results.

If you want to learn more before the meeting, check out this series of blog posts:


Meeting details

:clock3: Date: 2022-05-25T17:00:00Z

:desktop_computer: Place: Virtual at Google Meet

:calendar: Event: Gazebo community calendar

:mag_right: Topic: Subterranean Challenge

:spiral_notepad: Agenda: Everyone is welcome to add items to the agenda.

As always, the meeting will be recorded and posted to the community meetings playlist on the GazeboSim YouTube channel. Check out the playlist for past meetings!

Are you doing anything interesting with Gazebo? Show it off to the community! Send me a private message so we can figure out the best date.

Do you want to see some specific topic covered? Please comment below!

See you then!

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Great! Is this meeting open to viewers or will they be a link to join to view the meeting?

The link is up on the post:

:desktop_computer: Place : Virtual at Google Meet

Hi, that’s great!

Will the meeting be recorded?

Is it possible to cover somehow the topic of how they create the world? If it is from real data, how it is transformed into the gazebo world? How large the world can be?


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Will the meeting be recorded?

Yeah, they do it every community meeting now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make sure to cover world creation.

Anyone else is more than welcome to chime in with other topics they would like me to cover.


Thank you to everyone who joined the meeting! If you missed it, here’s the recording on YouTube:

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