Physics question on Gazebo

Hi community,

I felt that this is not too technical, but a pure physics question on new Gazebo.

I admit I’m not very good with physics formulas.

So uhh, I implemented joint_controllers on all wheels independently. So, each wheel moves by a radian.

I added the “pointer” to make it move more than 360 degree.

So, wheels move by degree. So I spammed a button to make it move. See here:

Unfortunately, this just spin out of spam which is expected. So, if I wanted to send a command once. It would be like this:

I wanted to make it more precise. So, from what I understand…one wheel moves per radian. SO, 360 degree is 6.28319 rad. Let’s use the ros command (ign or ros2, same thing at this point since using ros-bridge):
ros2 topic pub --once /M0 std_msgs/msg/Float64 '{data: 6.28319}'

Which moves like 10 degree ish when it should be 360 degree.

I guess…Here are main questions here is that is there anything you can look up the quick cheat sheet of each friction coefficient? What is the right formula to rotate the wheel? Do you know if there’s a physics doc on new gazebo? I found old but does this apply the same thing to new gazebo? I really hope this question makes sense! lol

Boy! I just grew a new second brain!

Closing this as I figured the solution. It has to do with how often you send rad to robot.

See here:

Now my new questions are more gazebo technical so I will move to answers.gazebo!