Neuraville's first webnair

Hi Gazebo Community,

I wanted to share this exciting post! Neuraville will have their first webinar this Thursday. FEAGI is a new AI and open source too!

Webinar Invite

I contributed to this project too by integrate with FEAGI, Gazebo Citadel (tested on Fortress too!) and Godot 3.5 using Ros2 Foxy/Python3! This is designed to make things simpler and easier for anyone.

My team and I worked on this to support Windows 10, Linux 18.04+, and Mac (M1 and intel) using docker! We tested FEAGI on all of them!

Come and visit to learn more about FEAGI using Gazebo!

Here are some short gifs to show you what FEAGI can do for your Gazebo.

Spin with 1 second, 0.1 second, and 0.01 second of burst duration in runtime.

Not only this, floor expansion too!

See how it is responsive and easy to control using Godot manually?

You can even run stimulation script too.

FYI, everything ran with joint_controller plugin only. :slight_smile:

We made it available to website and all OS. I hope you find this useful for your project!

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