🏁 Ignition Dome officially end-of-life

Hi, community! :fire:

On December 2021, Ignition Dome reached its official end-of-life. Dome was Ignition’s fourth major release and was supported for a bit over a year. Notably, it was the version used during the Subterranean Challenge’s finals.

Dome introduced rendering features such as particle effects and efficient skeleton animations, GUI widgets like plotting and lidar visualization, and new sensors like the optical tactile sensor. It’s also the first version supporting web visualization, parametrized SDF models, and the Bullet physics engine. See the entire list of features on the Release Features page.

With Dome, the major versions of several Ignition libraries are also reaching end-of-life. Their latest released binaries will remain available at http://packages.osrfoundation.org/, but no more fixes or releases will be made.

Library major version Final release
Ignition Fuel Tools 5 5.2.0
Ignition Gazebo 4 4.14.0
Ignition GUI 4 4.6.0
Ignition Launch 3 3.4.2
Ignition Messages 6 6.6.1
Ignition Physics 3 3.4.1
Ignition Rendering 4 4.9.1
Ignition Sensors 4 4.3.0
Ignition Transport 9 9.1.2
libSDFormat 10 10.7.0
Ignition Dome 1.0.1

Ignition Dome used to be the default version to use with ROS Melodic on ros_ign; now the default version for Melodic is Fortress, and Citadel is also supported. There are no plans to release new ros-melodic-ros-ign binaries.

We recommend all Dome users migrate to a supported release as soon as possible, such as Fortress, which is the latest long-term-support release. Be sure to check each library’s migration guide.

Thanks to all contributors to all libraries in Dome! :crystal_ball:

Addisu Z. Taddese
Adwait Naik
Akash Patel
Akshat Pandya
Alejandro Hernández Cordero
Alejo Carballude
Ammaar Solkar
Amr Elsersy
Andrej Orsula
Arjo Chakravarty
Ashton Larkin
Atharva Pusalkar
Brian Gerkey
Caio Amaral
Carlos Agüero
Chris Lalancette
Claire Wang
Darío Hereñú
Devansh Chawla
Diego Ferigo
Dre Westcook
Edwin Fan
Eric Cousineau
Felipe Ximenes
Flood Shao
Franco Cipollone
G. Doisy
Hill Ma
Ian Chen
Ivan Santiago Paunovic
Jaldert Rombouts
Jenn Nguyen
Jeremy Nimmer
John Shepherd
Jorge Perez
Jose Luis Rivero
Jose Tomas Lorente
Jozef Izso
Juan Oxoby
Kamal Aghayev
Kevin Knoedler
Le Thai An
Levi Armstrong
Lola Segura
Louise Poubel
Luca Della Vedova
Lucas Fernando Andrade Costa
Mabel Zhang
Marco A. Gutiérrez
Marcos Wagner
Martin Pecka
Martiño Crespo
Marya Belanger
Matias N. Goldberg
Michael Carroll
Michael X. Grey
Mihir Kulkarni
Mohamed Ahmed
Nate Koenig
Nick Lamprianidis
Nikhil Nair
Pedro Alcantara
Poh Zhi-Ee
Rein Appeldoorn
Rhys Mainwaring
Rushyendra Maganty
Sarathkrishnan Ramesh
Sean Yen
Sebastian Wallkötter
Shane Loretz
Silvio Traversaro
Stefan Profanter
Stephen Brawner
Steven Peters
Teo Koon Peng
Timo Röhling
Tobias Fischer
Tyler Kurtz
William Lew

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