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🏁 Ignition Blueprint officially end-of-life

Hi, community! :fire:

On December 31st 2020, Ignition Blueprint reached its official end-of-life. Blueprint was Ignition’s second major release and was supported for 1.5 years. Notably, it was the first release to have a logo and T-Shirt!

Blueprint introduced key features to Ignition, like physically-based rendering, logging and playback, UAV support, RGBD sensors, support for custom physics engines, lots of GUI tools and ROS integration. See the entire list on the Release Features page.

With Blueprint, the major versions of several Ignition libraries are also reaching end-of-life. Their latest released binaries will remain available at, but no more fixes or releases will be made.

Library major version Final release
Ignition Fuel Tools 3 3.5.0
Ignition Gazebo 2 2.26.0
Ignition GUI 2 2.3.3
Ignition Launch 1 1.10.1
Ignition Messages 4 4.9.0
Ignition Physics 1 1.10.0
Ignition Rendering 2 2.5.1
Ignition Sensors 2 2.9.1
Ignition Transport 7 7.5.1
Ignition Tools 0 0.2.0
libSDFormat 8 8.9.1

We’ve also updated the ROS Melodic ros-melodic-ros-ign binary packages distributed at to use Ignition Dome instead of Blueprint. :warning: This may break code that relies on those packages. This was an exceptional change for Melodic, and all other current and future ros_ign binary releases, including Noetic and Foxy, will stick to the version combinations specified on REP-0003 and REP-2000.

We recommend all Blueprint users migrate to a supported release as soon as possible, such as Citadel (latest long-term-support release) or Dome (latest release). Be sure to check each library’s migration guide.

Thanks to all contributors to the versions above! :fire:

Addisu Z. Taddese
Alejandro Hernández Cordero
Alejo Carballude
Alfredo Bencomo
Ashton Larkin
Brian Marchi
Carlos Agüero
Claire Wang
Diego Ferigo
Eric Cousineau
German Mas
Ian Chen
Javier Choclin
Jay Li
John Shepherd
Jose Luis Rivero
Louise Poubel
Luca Della Vedova
Mabel Zhang
Martin Pecka
Michael Carroll
Michael X. Grey
Mingfei Sun
Mohamed Ahmed
Nate Koenig
Sarathkrishnan Ramesh
Silvio Traversaro
Steve Peters

:fire: Ignition Dev Team :fire:

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