Edifice approaching end-of-life

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since Edifice was released :ignition: :office: ?

Edifice will be supported until the end of March 2022. From April, no new releases will be made, but the latest release tags and binaries will remain available to users.

EOL time: 2022-04-01T06:59:00Z

More specifically, these are the library versions reaching end-of-life (full list of versions and their EOL dates):

Library Major version
Ignition Fuel Tools 6
Ignition Gazebo 5
Ignition GUI 5
Ignition Edifice 1
Ignition Launch 4
Ignition Messages 7
Ignition Physics 4
Ignition Rendering 5
Ignition Sensors 5
Ignition Transport 10
SDFormat 11

Edifice is the official version paired with ROS 2 Galactic, which itself still has 8 more months of life (until November 2022). Therefore, the ros_ign bindings for Galactic will continue to be supported until then.

We recommend Edifice users start planning to migrate to the latest supported version, Fortress :ignition: :japanese_castle: , which is an LTS. Fortress will be supported until September 2026 and will be paired with the upcoming ROS 2 Humble.

If you’re a code contributor who has pull requests open against Edifice (or are planning to open some), please work with maintainers to have it merged and released by March 31st, or retarget the work to another supported version.

  • Here are the tickets currently open against Edifice.
  • Here is the ticket tracking all the EOL tasks, including the final releases.

:gazebo: Simulation Dev Team :gazebo: