Help Needed with Communication and Publisher/Subscriber Methods in Multi-Drone Simulation

Hello ROS Community,

As we are developing a multi-drone simulation using the rotors_simulator project, we are curious about implementing a communication infrastructure to send commands to different drones and enable communication among them. Additionally, we would like to understand how we can utilize Publisher and Subscriber methods within this communication infrastructure.

Currently, we are working on simulating drones using ROS in Gazebo with the rotors_simulator package. We are creating separate control nodes for each drone and need to establish communication between these nodes. However, we are facing challenges with coordinating and synchronizing multiple drones.

Furthermore, we require guidance on defining Publisher and Subscriber methods. As mentioned earlier, we aim to use these methods to send commands and share status information among the drones.

We would greatly appreciate your suggestions, experiences, or advice on this matter. If you have expertise in effectively implementing communication among drones using Publisher and Subscriber methods, your insights would be invaluable to us.

Thank you!