Hardware acceleration in ROS 2 and Gazebo survey

Back when we announced first the intent of creating a Hardware Acceleration Working Group, based on the community input received, we defined a number of WG goals and an initial roadmap. The 4th objective was defined as follows:

  • Survey the community interests on acceleration for ROS 2 and Gazebo. (2022)

This survey is organized by the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group (HAWG) to fullfil that objective.

Please fill in the Hardware acceleration in ROS 2 and Gazebo survey, takes just a few minutes.

The goal of this survey is to capture the community interests on hardware acceleration for ROS 2 and Gazebo/Ignition to drive the future development of the community in terms of hardware acceleration efforts. Input will collected for a few weeks. A summary of the results will be shared back with the ROS 2 and Gazebo communities after the data is digested around early 2022.

No personal information is requested nor should be provided as part of this survey.

(I tried tagging this with hardware, wg-acceleration but failed, it seems permissions are restricted. Iā€™d be great to have these tags for future discussions since we intend to contribute to Gazebo as well)

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