Gazebo Infrastructure updates from May 2023

The month of June is upon us already somehow.

The OSRF project committee for Infrastructure was first announced two months ago at the start of April.
Since then we’ve been keeping things running as well as we can, we’ve also made progress on several changes in ROS Infrastructure, which I’ll do my best to highlight and summarize here.

Infrastructure Community Meeting 2023-05-17

Our biggest news is that we hosted our first Infrastructure Community Meeting in May. @cottsay gave an excellent presentation on Standards-based Python packaging and the challenges and opportunities it presents for building with colcon and creating python packages for ROS. There is a recording of that meeting available if you weren’t able to attend. We’re planning to have our next community meeting in July.

We set up a new status page for OSRF infrastructure. I’ve posted about this previously so you can learn more there.

In March and April the infrastructure team completed a migration of all hosts in the Jenkins cluster to cloud-hosted machines. Along the way we improved support for automated provisioning of Linux hosts with GPUs in osrf/osrf_jenkins_agent#37 and osrf/osrf_jenkins_agent#39.

The new hosts have been giving us some trouble, but while it settles we’ve also put some controls in place to allow for automated recovery of these hosts after a build fails due to a driver installation issue in gazebo-tooling/release-tools#915.

We also added a similar retry if a host is disconnected during the build in gazebo-tooling/release-tools#925.

Several other small improvements to make testing infrastructure changes easier came through in gazebo-tooling/release-tools#919, gazebo-tooling/release-tools#922, and gazebo-tooling/release-tools#929.

That’s all for now. Happy June and Happy Friday :rainbow_flag: