GSOC 2018 : Project Idea

Hello Everyone,

I’m Arhant Jain, an undergrad from IIIT Hyderabad, India and studying in my sophomore year of Electronics and Communication branch.I’m following the content from a week now.

Finally, I’m interested in 2 ideas :
1)Simulate Radar sensor
2)The big gazebo documentation index

I’m Electronics guy and also do competitive Programming in C and C++. In Past, I have done many work in front end too.
Please tell me which one should I prefer according to the need of Org.

Any further suggestion and guidance would be really appreciable.


Thanks for the interest in Gazebo!

You can start by going through some tutorials to get familiar with Gazebo.

You can then follow the advanced tutorial series to learn how to make your first contribution. That tutorial will give you some hints on how to choose your first issue to tackle.

I’ll tag the mentors of the projects you’re interested in case they have any extra comments:

  1. Simulate Radar sensor: @caguero
  2. The big gazebo documentation index: @jrivero


Thanks for the interest!

I’ve setup some tasks that can be done during the proposal period in Any question, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, @chapulina & @jrivero

I’m following the stuff suggested by you and soon submit my GSoC Project Proposal.