Regarding GSoC Applications

This Organisation is active or not. I want to submit my GSoC Proposal but it seems this org. is inactive and is not taking part in GSoC.

Mentors, Please reply. @chapulina, @system.

Waiting for your reply,
Arhant Jain

Hi @ArhantJain, sorry for taking a few days. I just replied to the GSOC 2018 : Project Idea post.


Thanks @chapulina,

I’m following the guide suggested by you.


Dear Mentors,

As my project is not selected in GSoC but I want to spend my summer, working on this project.Is this opportunity available?

Waiting for your reply, @chapulina, and @jrivero

Hi @ArhantJain,

It’s great to hear you’d like to contribute to Gazebo!

I’m afraid that those specific projects may already have other students working on them, but you’re welcome to make pull requests to Gazebo with other contributions at any time! You can check the issues list to choose something to work on.