Gazebo requirements

Good afternoon,
I’m posting this questions since I wasn’t able to find a quite recent updated topic about the Gazebo requirements in 2023.

  • Which hardware specifications (CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD storage) are needed to run Gazebo reasonably well with around 15 simulated robots at the same time?
  • How the HW specifications changes if I also take into account that I will need to share a computer as a server to run Gazebo simulation with other colleague (at most 3 people)?
  • Is there something else that I have to consider?

Thanks in advance.

This greatly depends on the sensors the robots will have. If you plan rendering sensors (cameras, lidars), then plan for a decent GPU. It also depends on complexity and size of the world you’ll be using (that can be alleviated by using the “Levels” feature if applicable for you).

Good evening @peci1 thanks for your answer. I have to emulate a swarm of turtlebot4 but I don’t need to render point clouds or something similar. The environment will be really simple: a rectangular arena without any feature except for a slope in the middle.

In that case it seems doable on a better desktop PC or higher end laptop. In your case, the most demanding will probably be GUI rendering (turn it off if you don’t need it) and physics (consider using TPE physics engine if you need just kinematic motion and not dynamics/collisions).

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@peci1 would you have more info on the use of TPE?

I asked for resources here and here but got no replies.