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How to utilize more processing power in the simulation?


I’m trying to multi-vehicle simulation with LED attached in Gazebo 9.13
I’m experiencing very slow simulation within the world with multiple vehicles, frame rate drops
significantly to 1-2 fps and real-time factor decreases to 0.1 level when LED flashes or multi-vehicles are in motion while CPU & GPU usage is only around 15~30% level.
I’ve been finding the solution in answers gazebo but I’ve found most of issues are not addressed much.

I’d like to know how to improve performance of simulation utilizing more CPU & GPU.
I have tested parallel physics found on tutorial here and had set world update rate to 0, does not help much in my case.
but didn’t help much probably due to nothing much static objects are in my world.

Furthermore I saw the thread that gzserver & gzclient each are use only single CPU core
Is there any change Gazebo simulator itself supports multi-threading? or any other way to speed up simulation?

Thanks in advance.


Have you find the solution for improving performance of simulation? I am also looking for a solution on this. If not, might considering migrate to Unity3D.

Besides, would you mind to share how you attach LED with your vehicle in the simulation?



The speed of simulation depends heavily on how you have configured your models and world. For example, it’s entirely possible for a vehicle with many cameras to swamp the GPU. A plugin attached to a model or world could also limit simulation performance.

We will need a setup to reproduce in order to help, otherwise we can only guess where your problem lies. Can you include a world file, Gazebo version, and OS version.