How to simulate with higher graphics resolution-textures?

Hello, I am newcomer to the field of robotic simulations, I would like to ask how to have better detailed simulations within gazebo, as pyBullet or Unreal Engine quality. How can I edit this or configure it. I do have dedicated GPU for this.

Please be a bit more verbose on your expectations. Do you want better looking renders from the GUI camera, from a vehicle-mounted camera, a thermocam, a 3D lidar?

Generally, Gazebo does not limit resolution too much. It’s mostly about the quality of assests. What it is missing (AFAIK), is level-of-detail changing quality of the geometry based on distance. So high-quality assets might slow down the simulation. The only part where I know of a limitation is GPU lidar which has a fixed render texture size.

The latest release of Gazebo added some more graphics-related goodies like global illumination. These might further help getting high fidelity outputs.

This thread might also be of relevance.

I think the graphical capabilities of Gazebo Sim are often underestimated. But as @peci1 states: the difficulty is often in generating good assets.