Gazebo Harmonic Tutorial Party (support open source and get t-shirts!)


Hi Gazebo community,

As mentioned previously we’ll be conducting a testing and tutorial party for the next Gazebo release, Harmonic. If you missed the kickoff meeting for the tutorial party, here’s the video.

We’ll be partying from August 31st until September 14th, 2023. As a reminder, to sweeten the pot, we will once again be sending out Harmonic t-shirts :tshirt: to the top five tutorial party animals (those who finish reviewing the most tutorials). Every single one of the tutorial reviewers will be included in the Harmonic release notes.

Name the next Gazebo Release!

If you haven’t voted already, today is the last day to vote on the name of the next Gazebo Release

Important Dates :calendar:

  • 2023-08-31 → 2023-09-14 Harmonic Tutorial Party
  • 2023-09-18 → 2023-09-22 Internal Q&A
  • 2023-09-27 Community Meeting Demo / Tutorial Party top contributors announced
  • 2023-10-02 Official Release Announcement
  • TBD Graphic Release and T-Shirt Sale – (T-shirt / art will be delayed)

How to Party! :partying_face:

The party process is fairly simple, and if all goes according to plan you should be able to validate a few tutorials in an hour or two and check out some recent upgrades to Gazebo. We’ll be using Github issues in GitHub - gazebosim/gazebo_test_cases to track our progress as we’ve created an automated system for generating all of the different tutorials we need to review. Here are the steps (to party):

  • Pick a tutorial flavor by filtering out the github issues using the corresponding labels. The Readme will be a good starting point and has some helpful tips on how to filter github issues. Note that the Harmonic release supports two installation methods (source and binaries) and a few host operating systems (Ubuntu Jammy, and MacOS Monterey, and Windows 10).
  • Install the pre-releases on your computer (we’ll include directions for each host operating system)
  • Find an open issue from the Gazebo testing repository and comment on the issue stating that you would like to test the tutorial contained in the issue.
  • Run through the tutorial from start to finish! Be really thorough; if you think you could improve the tutorial feel free to add to it. At this point one of three things will happen:
    • The tutorial works perfectly!
      • Close the issue with a comment that everything works as expected.
    • The tutorial has issues…
      • But, you can fix them and send us a PR.
      • Open the PR and drop a link on the issue.
    • You can’t fix them (that’s ok!)
      • Post a comment describing the problems you faced.
        • Open the PR and drop a link on the issue.
      • You can’t fix them (that’s ok!)
        • Post a comment describing the problems you faced.
  • Try another tutorial!

How to Install Pre-releases

All Harmonic libraries have pre-releases. The following installation methods are available:


Hi! Just a question, the second batch starts in September 11th correct? What this means for the issues for Ubuntu? From September 11th to 14th will still be the same for ubuntu issues?