Name the next Gazebo release! Gazebo I 💬

Hi, community! :gazebo:

The Gazebo Harmonic :musical_note: release is coming up next month! This means it’s time to choose the name of the next release!

Gazebo’s naming scheme increases alphabetically and follows the “architecture” theme. These are the existing names:

  • Acropolis
  • Blueprint
  • Citadel
  • Dome
  • Edifice
  • Fortress
  • Garden
  • Harmonic

The community chose the name Harmonic last year. Now we invite you to name the next release, which will start with I and will be supported for 2 years! As always, the list of names has been pre-filtered taking into account the meaning, trademarks, ease of spelling, ease of searching, and so on.

Vote on the link below! :point_down:

Vote - Gazebo I - RankedVote

The poll will be open until 2023-08-31T06:59:00Z, which is also :snowflake: Harmonic’s code freeze :snowflake: date.

The chosen name will be announced during our September community meeting, on 2023-09-27T07:00:00Z, where the Gazebo Dev team will demo all the great new features in Harmonic :gazebo: :musical_note:

Happy voting! :ballot_box:

:gazebo: Gazebo Dev Team :gazebo: