Feature Freeze for Gazebo Harmonic

Hello everyone!

As announced in the last community meeting, the feature freeze period for Gazebo Harmonic starts at the end of today (July 28, 2023).

During the feature freeze period, we will no longer accept new features to Gazebo. This includes new features to Harmonic as well as to stable versions, such as Garden. If you have a new feature you want to contribute, please open a PR today before we go into feature freeze noting that changes can be made to open PRs during the feature freeze period. This period will be close when we go into code freeze on 2023-08-30T00:00:00Z.

Bug fixes and documentation will still be accepted after the freeze date.

More information on the Gazebo Harmonic release timeline can be here: Release Harmonic · Issue #974 · gazebo-tooling/release-tools · GitHub