Gazebo Garden Tutorial Party (support open source and get t-shirts!)

Gazebo’s 7th collection, Garden, is planned for release on October 3, 2022. Before each release, the team goes over all the tutorials using pre-releases to check that everything is working as it should and make final tweaks. It is incredibly important that these tutorials function smoothly as they are where our new users first meet Gazebo and we want them to have a good experience. As we’ve done in past releases, we’d like to invite the community to join the party! :partying_face: This should be a great opportunity for Gazebo-classic users to get their feet wet with its next generation. This is also a great opportunity for prospective interns to get familiar with Gazebo and meet the community.

We’ll be partying from September 2nd until September 16, 2022. To sweeten the pot, we will once again be sending out Garden t-shirts to the top five tutorial party animals (those who finish reviewing the most tutorials). We’ll also be including all tutorial reviewers in the release notes.

How to party! :partying_face:

The party process is fairly simple, and if all goes according to plan you should be able to validate a few tutorials in an hour or two and check out some upgrades to Gazebo. This year, we’ll be using Github issues to track our progress instead of a spreadsheet. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick a tutorial flavor by filtering out the github issues using the corresponding labels. This meta issue will be a good starting point and has some helpful tips on how to filter github issues. Note that the Garden release supports two installation methods (source and binaries) and a few host operating systems (Ubuntu Focal and Jammy, and MacOS Catalina and Big Sur, and Windows 10).

  2. Install the pre-releases on your computer (directions below).

  3. Find an open issue from Issues · gazebosim/garden-tutorial-party · GitHub and comment on the issue stating that you would like to test the tutorial contained in the issue.

  4. Run through the tutorial from start to finish! Be really thorough; if you think you could improve the tutorial feel free to add to it. At this point one of three things will happen:

    1. The tutorial works perfectly! ⇒ Close the issue with a comment that everything works as expected.
    2. The tutorial has issues…
      1. … but you can fix them and send us a PR. ⇒ Open the PR and drop a link on the issue.
      2. … You can’t fix them (that’s ok!) ⇒ Post a comment describing the problems you faced.
  5. Try another tutorial!

How to Install Pre-releases

All Garden libraries have pre-releases. The following installation methods are available:

:fire: The Gazebo Dev Team :fire:


Great! Let’s see if I can help :slight_smile:

Hey, can we still keep helping in testing the tutorials?

The conda binaries for Windows do not seem to be available. Or at least I don’t find libignition-gazebo7, I can only find 6 in the conda-forge repo. Is there a way to get the prerelease binaries?

How am I actually supposed to run Gazebo on Windows? I’ve built everything up to gz-sim7 and there is no gz command installed. Also the ruby scripts dir is rather empty:

ls install\lib\ruby\gz
cmdfuel8.rb*  cmdplugin2.rb*  cmdtransport12.rb*  msgs9/