Gazebo Garden Release

The Gazebo team at Open Robotics is happy to announce the 7th release of the Gazebo Collection, code named Garden.

If you would like to see Gazebo Garden in action, we demonstrated most of the new features at our monthly community meeting:

Briefly, here are some of the features that you’ll find in Garden

  1. Ignition has been renamed to Gazebo. Check out the migration guide.
  2. Custom shader plugins (waves / flags)
  3. Local wind effects
  4. Reset API
  5. Mujoco to SDF conversion
  6. DEM support
  7. Lunar and custom surface coordinates
  8. Acoustic communication model
  9. Environmental lookup sensors
  10. Static plugins
  11. Vulkan support via OGRE 2.3
  12. SDFormat python bindings
  13. Support GLB assets.

We’d like to give especial thanks to the community members who helped us review Garden tutorials during the Tutorial Party :

  • Tejal Barnwal
  • Calvin Jielas-Jensen
  • Rhys Mainwaring
  • Andrej Orsula
  • Martin Pecka
  • Jasmeet Singh

The next release, Gazebo Harmonic, is scheduled to be released on September 2023. Keep an eye on the roadmap for what’s coming up, and let us know what features you’re interested in!

Be sure to get your Gardeb shirt !

The Gazebo Dev Team