Gazebo Harmonic packages available on conda-forge

Since today, the Gazebo Harmonic libraries are available on conda-forge for Linux (amd64 and arm64architectures), macOS (arm64 and amd64) and Windows.

To install them in an existing environment, just run:

conda install -c conda-forge gz-sim8 gz-launch7

if you are using conda (or substitute conda with mamba or micromamba, if you are using those tools).

If you are using pixi, you can add them as dependencies to your projects as:

pixi add gz-sim8 gz-launch7

For the packages with Python bindings, the Python bindings are available for all Python version currently supported in conda-forge, i.e. CPython 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12 and PyPy 3.9 .

For any conda-forge specific problem, please open an issue in the “feedstock” repo of the corresponding library. For example, for problems in gz-math open an issue in GitHub - conda-forge/gz-math-feedstock: A conda-smithy repository for gz-math., for problems in gz-sim GitHub - conda-forge/gz-sim-feedstock: A conda-smithy repository for gz-sim., and so on and so forth.