Does gzweb2 work with harmonic

Is gzweb2 supposed to be compatible with gz-harmonic? I tried running this demo from the community meeting about gzweb2 angular-gzweb

When I try to view the scene I just get an error:

ERROR Error: duplicate name 'Any' in Namespace .gz.msgs
    add namespace.js:240
    parseType parse.js:354
    parseCommon parse.js:261
    parse parse.js:790
    onloadend gzweb.module.js:11673

I have confirmed that it works fine with fortress and garden. Also the same thing happens if I try to connect to the simulation with visualiser here.

So far what I have found:
Comparing the response gz-launch gives to the protos request, between gz-garden and gz-harmonic.
gz-harmonic seems to send roughly twice the amount of protobuf headers and they seem to be duplicates?

gz-garden-response.txt (47.4 KB)
gz-harmonic-response.txt (104.8 KB)

I will look more into the gz-launch code when I have time. I am not very familiar with the gazebo source so if anyone knows what the issue might be or can point me to what area of code I need to look in, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

We’ve changed how messages are generated in Harmonic, so this might actually be a bug. Do you mind opening an issue in gz-launch?

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Thanks for the reply, issue created:
websocket server sends duplicate message headers in protos response · Issue #246 · gazebosim/gz-launch (